WE BELIEVE in the inseparable connection between the individual and nature.

...that among America’s greatest resources are its natural ones – its mountains, forests, prairies, deserts, rivers, lakes, streams, and wildlife. is every American’s responsibility to love and protect these resources and to safeguard and enhance them for following generations.

...Americans have been blessed with one of the most beautiful countries on earth, that a connection to nature is the right of every American, and that all of its citizens deserve to know and enjoy its natural wonders.

...citizen ownership of the Nation’s public lands is an American birthright, that access to these bountiful places should be encouraged, and that education on the value and stewardship of these resources is imperative.

...that, as the majority of Americans now make their home in our cities, the greening of urban environments is an essential effort for maintaining the link with the natural world for urban children and all those with little or no access to green open spaces.

 ...businesses that embrace and support sound environmental principles gain the respect of shareholders and citizens for these acts of responsibility.

...great leaders acknowledge and act with respect for the value of America’s natural beauty and bounty and that such leaders set this example in every realm of their influence.

 ...“the Environment” should not be cast in terms of “us versus them” because it divides and separates people from shared American values.

...these principles are self-evident and worthy of support by all.